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Solutions for Industries

Public Safety

Effective and reliable communication is needed during mission critical moment by first responders like police and emergency services. They must be able to rely on technologies and communication solutions to keep them staying connected, and is always functional and ready for use. Broadband mutimedia communication solution with nationwide coverage allows command center to have real-time situation of the scene in order to strucure the incidents fast and organized.


Track your fleet and stay connected with Lynksys broadband Push To Talk vehicular communicator. The hands-free operation of communication helps drivers keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, protecting their safety. The real-time location of your vehicles and instant communication technologies allows you to have visual management and fulfill the efficient business operation.

Private Security

Stay connected and able to communicate with your team whenever and wherever you want, Lynksys wearable communication solution provides on-demand push to talk instant communications and helps you capture the true scene for evidence during critical situations. 


Remote supervisor via live video streaming has significantly enhence the work efficiency and safety for field workers during critical missions. Features like real-time positioning, lone worker and man down greatly helps with protecting the safety of workers in mobility.


Lynksys helps you maintain your communication efficient and enhance the productivity of business operation. Embracing the digital transformation into daily management and operation, Lynksys broadband push to talk products keep the service’s effectiveness and bring satisfaction to your customers with great communications solutions.


Secure and effective communication, purpose-built communications tools to keep the team always connected is what the construction sector would always like to have. Keep the safety of your team and allow them to stay in touch with Lynksys communication solutions.


Lynksys helps warehousing management improve staff productivity and operational efficiency, minimize the need to carry and manage multiple communication devices and services. Lynksys broadband smart devices leverage the latest and greatest mobile applications on a single device.


Effective and efficient communication solution is instrumental to the energy industry's efforts to meet critical challenges. Purpose-built industrial smart devices that keep the team always connected is what the Mining sector would always like to have. Lynksys rugged industrial devices are built to last even in harsh environment, working as a companion to the team in the field.

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